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Transplant Terror Stories

Hair transplants? What the doctors don’t tell you!

Here is a letter of personal experience from Carl from Lahaina, Hawaii.

Guys if you are thinking about getting a hair transplant, think long and hard about it! The things most of these doctors don’t tell you is that your hair is going to keep receding behind the transplant area and that you never know how far back it is going to go. You will wind up taking the Propecia and Rogaine cocktail for the rest of your life unless you are willing to let nature takes its course. When you let nature take over you wind up loosing a lot of the hair behind your implants, which can make your head look pretty strange. You will become a prisoner to your implants and actually go through loosing your hair twice: once, before the implants, and then later, as your hairline recedes behind the implants.

When I got my procedure done I was in my late 20’s and had started loosing my hair at about age 21. Of course, with all the great advertisements on implants, I started my search, and after about 7 years I found someone in my price range and decided to go through with the procedure. What I didn’t know was that one procedure was going to follow another and another and another since they didn’t do the thousands of graphs that they do today. They put larger Plugs in which were rather obvious, so over a period of four years they had to go back and make the plugs smaller which resulted in more scarring and greater sensitivity on the top of my head. Not to mention the fact that every time they take from the donor area it winds up getting larger as well.

I had shaved my head numerous times before I got the implants and got quite a few compliments about how good it looked. This was about ten years ago and bald wasn’t quite in and at 28 I had thought I could attain a youthful head of hair via implants…I would give anything to be able to shave my head again and have my freedom and natural appearance! Even though my implants look pretty natural I get tired of having to cut my hair certain ways in order for them to not be obvious. The thing is, under bright lights or the sunshine it is hard for implants not to be seen and you always wonder if its obvious or not.

What happens a lot of times is that we get implants to be more attractive and confident and then nature pulls its tricks on us and we wind up loosing our confidence and feel like a vain and foolish person in the process. Think about it, if you’re a single guy and get serious with a lady, you will eventually have tell her that you had implants and are on Rogaine etc…how will you feel about that? You may find people looking at you out of the corner of your eye and wonder if they are checking out your implants… Many people say, “Who cares what other people think?” Well, if you are thinking about getting implants, you must be somewhat concerned about what people think? So, please think long and hard about it before you do something that can’t be reversed.



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