JUST SAY NO! To Rugs, Drugs, Plugs, and Combovers

Are you tired of watching infomercials about hair loss drugs, hair clubs, hair systems, wigs, toupees, and other solutions claiming to fix your balding head?  The before pictures always have frowning bald men and full smiling men with full thick heads of hair after using their products.  No one looks good frowning with or without hair, and every bald man who smiles is attractive – even Don Rickles.

The hair restoration industry has struck fear and anxiety in the hearts of millions of men who now inspect their heads from every angle, searching for any sign of hair loss and dreading each and every hair that collects on the shower drain.

Don’t be mislead by this 2 billion-dollar industry that is trying to convince you that hair is necessary for a happy life.  Not only is it not necessary, it can be an overwhelming burden. A recent television program about a balding man revealed that he spends 30 minutes to an hour every day rearranging his hair to cover his inevitable transition to “perfection.”  He spends between 7 and 15 days every year combing his hair, and that’s only the time he spends in the morning.  He was only 45 years old.  If he lives to be 75, he will have spent a year, give or take a few days, hiding his bald spot. Is it really worth the anxiety? Absolutely not!

1 billion dollars is spent annually on these questionable “cover-ups,” and another billion is spent on a variety of pharmaceuticals designed to grow, slow or prevent the loss of hair. This multi-billion dollar industry spends millions trying to convince us that baldness is an unacceptable, debilitating, humiliating, emasculating and depressing condition, and too many men, who would be happier bald, spend thousands of dollars on wigs that look like wigs, or on painful and expensive implants that look like implants.

Can you imagine Jason Statham, or Pitbull with a full head of hair?

The goal of this site is to inform you the reader about all the options you have to deal with balding.  We hope to provide you enough information to steer clear of all the false promises and to help you embrace baldness by shaving your head.  You will look awesome, save a ton of money, and be happy in the end.