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HeadBlade -Ultimate Head Shaving Razor and Products

A new men’s shaving gel by Bold For Men

Pacific Shaving Company
A small San Francisco company dedicated to saving skin worldwide from painful nicks and cuts. Their All Natural Shaving Oil is perfect for shaving your head! SPECIAL OFFER: Use coupon code “BALDRUS” at checkout and receive 100% free shipping on any order.

“America’s choice for straight razors”
“We’ve assembled a coalition of the finest shaving products from the USA and around the world to aid you in your battle for the perfect shave! Straight razors, Old Fashioned Double Edge razors, Adjustable razors, Badger Shaving Brushes, Shaving Brush stands, Razor Strops, Razor Hones, Shaving Mugs, Shaving Soap and Razor Blades, Head Shavers and more!”

Bald Guyz is a line of grooming products especially formulated for the needs of a bald man.

Bald Help Sites:

Learn what works and what doesn’t.


Do you have transplant scars? Dermabrasion makes scars less noticeable.

Dermablend, coverage cosmetic for scars and other skin disruptions

Tired of shaving, laser hair removal may be your answer – Laser hair removal is all we do at Ideal Image locations nationwide.

American Association of Plastic Surgeons

This group is for men experiencing PERSISTENT side effects from the hair loss and prostate drug Finasteride (Propecia, Proscar, generics), “persistent” being side effects that are still present AFTER quitting the drug.

Avacor side effects by Ask Doc Web

Cosmetic Surgery for scar reduction in Chicago

Dr. T is a skilled plastic surgeon in Chicago.  He has performed more plastic surgery, and cosmetic surgery procedures than any other Chicago plastic surgeon.

Male Baldness Linked To Higher Incidence of Heart Disease

Bald Support Links:

An informative site about, guess what…head shaving!

Sly Bald Guys Forum

I am a former H.C.M. employee. After 8 miserable years I finally left H.C.M., and I have never been happier. If I can help anyone out there by answering any questions you may have about H.C.M. feel free to contact me.

Entertaining Bald Sites

The Gallery of Shaved Head Musicians

Ironhorse Writer – American Biker Poet

Other Bald Clubs Around the World:

Slovakian website for bald men

Spain now has it’s Bald & Proud website

Bald Guys MC, a motorcycle club for the follically challenged

Buzz-Cut.Net is for the guys who aren’t quite ready to take it down to the skin. They also sell the equipment to get you there.
Links to Tony Snesko’s life outside of Bald R Us

Same Day Process Service

Washington DC Private Investigations

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