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What is it like to have a shaved head?

This weekend I was out and about with my family and we decided to go to a flea market.  I love old stuff and flea markets are full of old things like safety razors, old advertisements, and other things that I geek out about.  Anyway, I was walking around a flea market and this guy walked up to me and asked about my shaved head.  I’m not sure exactly how he said it, but it was something along the lines of how to you keep it maintained.
My head was nice and smooth since I shaved it that morning, but I was confused why this guy was asking.  He had long hair poking out from his hat, which was exact opposite from my bald head.  He asked again, “I mean how do you maintain it?”  I replied that I just shave it with a razor every few days.  He didn’t seem to be too interested in any specifics like the type of razor, shaving oil, or anything else, but he was interested in what it was like to have a shaved head.
As the questions kept coming it became apparent that the long hair under his hat was most likely very bald on the top and he was using the hat to cover his bald spots.  I guess the random questions were because we was contemplating shaving his head.  Liberating and freeing is how he said it must be to shave your head.  To be honest the discussion was just so strange that only after it was all over I had a chance to think about what he was asking.  I’ve been shaving my head for so long I just don’t think about all of the stress and concern that people have when thinking about shaving it all off.
This guy was obviously tortured by hair loss where he let it grow out and used a hat to cover up what was underneath.  He wanted to shave his head and be done with it, but was afraid how he would feel and what others would think.  It was so much on his mind that he approached a random bald guy “me” and asked questions about shaving his head.
Random guy at the flea market, here is my afterthoughts for you if you happen to ever read this.
I went through the struggle that you are going through right now and wore hats to hide the hair loss that was happening underneath.  It happened to me in my late teens and early twenties, so not sure if that makes it better or worse, but I feel your pains.  The BEST thing that I ever did was decide to shave my head.  It helped me get over all the fears of losing hair and I’ve never looked back.  You can start buying products to regrow your hair, or buy a hair piece to make it look like you have a full head of hair, but I say shave it.  Just do it and I promise that you will thank me down the road!
Hopefully you can share the same advice to another random guy at the flea market that will ask questions about your shaved head.



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