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Bald Man of the Century!

Yul Brynner was born in Sakhalin, Russia on July 11, 1915 and to celebrate his magnificent shaved dome and for being the iconoclast of baldness, Bald R Us has designated Yul Brynner’s birthday as The First Annual International Bald Holiday.

International Bald Holiday
July 11th Annually

To honor bald men, on July 11th:

  • Men around the globe will abandon their comb-overs, burn their hairpieces, flush their hair growth potions and shave off their hair transplants.
  • Employers will be encouraged to give their bald employees the day off (or at least ½ day off).
  • We will encourage restaurants to give a 50% discount to bald men & women.
  • We will encourage clothing and other stores to offer discounts
  • We will encourage baseball and other sports clubs to offer free entrance to all who are bald
  • Women will get whiplash as they admire your passing pate
  • We will set up testosterone donation centers for bald men to donate some of their abundance to the testosterone lacking hairy guys.

If you have additional suggestions as to how we can celebrate July 11th , or if you are a business owner, or have influence with the media or those who can either promote or contribute to The First Annual International Bald Holiday, please E-mail


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