Upgrade your shave with shaving oil! A smoother, sexier bald head!

What is the best way to shave your head?

  • Most use Gillette Mach 3 blades because they shave closer with few if any nicks. (We have also received glowing comments about the new Head Blade. You can read more about them at “headblade.com).
  • If you have sensitive skin and are subject to rashes, avoid shaving against the grain and shave in the direction that your hair grows (or used to grow).
  • Aftershave should be used to avoid rashes.
  • I’ve heard of some people waxing their head but they have had mixed results. (One man stated that they didn’t have to shave again for six months. I find that hard to believe. If you have tried this, please let us know about your experience.)
  • The absolute best way to shave your head is to ask your wife or girlfriend to do it. They love to do it and it feels good.
  • Use Aloe Vera lotion to keep that young healthy look and don’t forget your sun block if your going to be in sun. (See our Medical Alert page)
  • If you want to try Nair or Magic, you must be careful not leave it on any longer than recommended, otherwise it burns. The only other alternatives are painful or expensive.
  • Electrolyses eventually gets rid of your hair permanently but it is painful.
  • Laser treatments will permanently remove your hair, but it is expensive.
  • Waxing is painful and it only gives you a 1 to 3 weeks of the stubble free look.
  • You may want to try Hair Away, which is featured on our site, however, we have had no testimonies as to its effectiveness.

If you have a better way to keep your pate free of unwanted growth, please tell us about it and we will publish it here.


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